VNA Summit! 5 Heads of State, or something like that… lol…

Yay can you believe it! We actually got 5 out of the 6 VNA girls together for Rokkerr’s birthday! These are from thursday night in Beverly Hills…. We were only missing poor Sasha who was left behind in Atlanta! Next time I’m dragging her ass with me if I have to stuff her in my suitcase! Sunny wanted to go to Benni Hanna’s for steak and shrimp and that was fine with all of us. Soooome people just refuse to behave no matter where they go, lol…. members can click on any of the pics to see the whole set…. “pornstars behaving badly”
benihanna07 benihanna17

Remember, starting next week you get all 6 of these websites with a membership to any one of them!

3 responses to “VNA Summit! 5 Heads of State, or something like that… lol…”

  1. vectis says:

    Faced by a camera some girls will always why was the ultimate flasher modest on this auspicious occassion? lol
    Way to have a birthday party Rokkerr.

  2. AussieSteve says:

    Happy Birthday Rokkerr!

    Having dinner with 5 hot pornstars on your birthday must be a dream cum true!! Vicky, you should go one better and have Sasha, Nina, Britney, Sunny and Michelle together for dinner on your next birthday. Now, that’s a party I’d love to get an invite to!!

  3. Gio says:

    I, too, wish I had been invited to this party. It would be a dream come true! :p

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