Viking School is In!

You have to love the person who did this for us. As you know we are in the Middle of trying to win Miss Freeones. We would LOVE to do well so vote here.

One of the pluses to the competition was meeting new friends. Miss Hybrid is a real find. Not only is she sexy as hell but this English minx is giving, funny, and talented. Her site, is awesome. We are going to put up some of her porn here for members to check out.

Anyway she has an artist, Ricardo, who did this amazing sketch for us. Now this obviously is how history would be taught in England had the vikings stayed there!!!

Gotta love the outfits!!! Perverted minds over in England! Go and check out Miss Hybrid’s site and say hi to her at twitter at



3 responses to “Viking School is In!”

  1. T_BO says:

    OMG!!!! Why did I never get a teacher that looked like that….and girls in my class like that?

  2. HT says:

    dayum! i know i woulda payed more attention in class. maybe not learn anything, but i’d a made everyday count.

  3. JimmieJ says:

    WoW what a great artist wounderful drawing

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