This Week at the VNA!

Yes it is going to be a big week, so grab a monthly membership here! First, Nina Hartley is turning 50! Yes…. congrats to Nina on her 50th this coming Wednesday. Other big news? Two back to back girl on girl ravaging camshows…….. I can’t make this up… they are both called Brooks and are southern Belle’s….

Bailey Brooks – March 15 @ 4pm est
Britney Brooks – March 14 @ 4 pm est

Want to see both of these upcoming shows? Take a month’s membership and join the fun. Also this week, as I mentioned…. everyother Blab chats and of course the one and only Best Damn Members Board on the paysite planet – with 26,000 f’in posts, 840+ registered users, and 1600 topics to keep you busy……. and yes there are girls that post there too. Sooo……….. oh and I forgot, tons of new porn on the way people! I leave you with Bailey & Britney………


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