The Vette Nation Army Girls are Set to Invade Adultcon Oct 2-4, Los Angeles

Well the Vette Nation Army girls are going on field manoevers next week! Me and a bunch of the girls are battle tested and heading off to Los Angeles to hang out in camo at Adultcon, Los Angeles, October 2,3,4 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The purpose? To indoctrinate the Los Angeles community that the VNA is the best adult community on the net. How are we gonna complete our mission? Wear next to nothing and hope that people catch on we are using our boobs as weapons of mass attention. Yeah… I know, pretty basic mission but what the hell.

What does this all mean? Adultcon is one of the biggest fan conventions in the world. I figured I should round up the VNA girls and make a tactical “full frontal” on Adultcon. You guys are all welcome to come and say hi.

Check back for more details but I will be there along with Britney Brooks, Michelle Lay, Sasha Sparks and other VNA girls that I cannot even mention for fear that you might give away top secrets of the VNA.

What does this mean for you? My first Adultcon appearance in over 4 years. We are trying something unique. Pornstars + camo + slutty dancing. How low can we get?

To meet the VNA girls, grab a ticket at or come to the Los Angeles Convention Center to get in.

By the way… we are having a members only get together that weekend. We have members coming from all over the world to party with us. To participate just join here. I repeat… MEMBERS ONLY GET TOGETHER NEXT WEEK….. YOUR TICKET HERE GETS YOU IN.

Don’t forget we have a BLAB CHAT here at today for more details. So grab a membership and come check out the best adult community on the net…. where fans become friends!



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  1. Alex32 says:

    But if you are a scrawny post-adolescent boy who absolutely must have a steady stream of calories all day, maybe pick an artificial-cheese-based snack that doesn’t make a heard-across-the-whole-floor crunchy sound? ,

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