The Shape of Things To Come?

As some of you know, through the Miss Freeones contest I have become friends with Miss Hybrid of & You can also twitter with her at

This sexy Brit has an awesome artist who works with her and he generously did this artwork of Miss Hybird and me. Now I am not sure that the Viking would not be the one with the strap on given the history of Britain with the Vikings who did most of the pillaging. Maybe though this is a bit of Viking retribution at the hands of the Brits.

Amazingly cool stuff though huh? I think we need the genius of Benny’s photoshop to return the favor.

Hopefully this artwork can be recreated soon with Miss Hybrid who has a full on English Estate to kick back and enjoy.

Remember it is March Madness week here at the VNA. ShandaFay is on cam today for your enjoyment. Who knows… maybe she will have a strap on handy.

Grab a pass here to the best website west of the White Cliffs of Dover


One response to “The Shape of Things To Come?”

  1. Miss Hybrid says:

    Take that you horny, viking bitch. You just wait Vicky till you are really on the end of this xx

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