This is a great country, but I am genuinely amazed by the often medieval approach to sex and adult fun in the United States. There seems to be a horrifically backwards approach to the enjoyment of anything remotely sexual. Having traveled overseas in Europe, I can see why most European nations think our attitudes towards sex border on Victorian (don’t even get me going on the subject of the ban on showing the hint of a nipple on televison).

This from the fine people of the legislature in Coweta County, Georgia, ya’ll…… where, the governing body has just passed a law which prohibits the sale of “any device designed or marketed as useful primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs.” Violation of the ordinance can lead to six months in jail and a $1000 fine. It is already illegal in the fine state of Alabama to sell a vibrator unless it is used for a medical purpose.

Now, I could make a bunch of jokes about the banning of vibrators, pocket rockets and other toys since some of the things that I have used in the ‘stimulation of human genital organs’ are not even sold in sex shops. I could also joke that at least the people of Coweta county, only made it illegal to sell sex toys designed to stimulate ‘human’ genital organs – why not all genitals? I must say however that once again this is a glowing example of how civil liberties are still being stripped away with very little recourse. To stop such laws, fines, and penalties costs a LOT of money, court time, and resouces….. all over a vibrator designed to give a woman pleasure. I fail to see how a vibrator of any kind is threat to society or the people of Coweta county. If I ever drive through that county in the future I will be sure to prepare beforehand by changing the vibrator function on my cell phone… (hey a girl has gotta do what a girl has gotta do!)

The sad thing is that there are more shining examples of this backwards way of thinking that I could blog about every day. What is possibly wrong with the sale of vibrators….. do they think that somehow they are immoral, indecent, or dangerous to the human relationship structure? Vibrators I am sure have saved many a marriage!

At what point is this nation going to start letting go of repressive attitudes towards anything of a sexual nature?

Beam me up Scotty! This place scares me!

Vicky Vette

….. for those of you who want to know where to plan the next family vacation, here is a map of GA, and the location of Coweta….



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