The Beatles and me!

OK this camshow caused some controversy. I received some derogatory emails after sending out a newsletter announcing the show. I just wanted to have some fun, and I’m as big a Beatles fan as anyone! For any of you who were around when the Beatles became huge, they themselves were accused of being rude and shocking!

Here are some clips, you decide for yourself and let me know via the comments what you think. Was I being disrespectful?

Click on the pic to link to the vids.

2 responses to “The Beatles and me!”

  1. vectis says:

    The Beales in had their share of groupies and chemicals,but largely due to the Rolling Stones and the Who being around at the same time they were slightly less notorious.You aren’t being disrepectful, in their hey day they would have loved you.

  2. AussieSteve says:

    Vicky, you were not being disrespectful to the legend of the Beatles. The newsletter pic was very cute, just a bit of fun. I love the Beatles; they were revolutionary and ahead of their time. Vicky is revolutionising porn as we know it; let’s just celebarate this fact and enjoy her whilst we still can before some stupid do-gooder censor takes away our right to indulge in good sex and have fun.

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