Thanks James from My Group! Lavatories Rock!

It is so awesome when people contribute to the cause of silliness. I am amazed people are taking the time to read this blog! So, I have a Yahoo Group by the way. For those of you who steadyfastly refuse to join my Official site for $25.00, you can join my Yahoo Group FREE of charge here. No… there are no camshows there, no…. there is no instant chat there, no…. there are no full length videos there, BUT…. there are some free pics, free clips of videos, updates on scheduling, the occasional ‘wat up’, and quality input like the attached pictures of real lavatories.

Thanks to James from Body-Rockin.for his contribution to the cause of silly pics. Who needs blowjob pics when you can get pics of urinals! Ha ha! If you have a silly picture of a urinal, make sure you post it in the yahoo group for me!

Anyway… if you want hot lavatory action, don’t forget to check out the clips at All seven complete episodes are available for immediate download at my Official Site…


2 responses to “Thanks James from My Group! Lavatories Rock!”

  1. feller469 says:

    We all knew a girl in high school or college like the one on the right. I am still thankful to her.

  2. LOL Vette, when your online as much as you and I are, ya can’t help but run across some strange stuff..and hey, damn what I gotta do for you to rememeber is “ when you mention j/k

    Maybe I can take Nina’s place next time you are ready for “spanking” 🙂

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