The frenzy that was World Cup football and the Vette Nation over the last week is not something I will forget. There may be a perception that somehow I planned a massive publicity stunt to get worldwide exposure for Bobbi Eden who was joining our Network with her new website. Sure we work hard on promoting the girls in our network almost every single day. Having said that, if you think I could plan an explosion of worldwide press on everthing from Time Magazine to the Jim Rome Show on ESPN and hundreds of blogs, articles, newpaper pieces, tweets, follows and twitter shattering moments, you are giving me too much credit. Google ‘Bobbi Eden’ & ‘World Cup’ to see just a fraction of what resulted from from one sentence on Twitter.

The ‘Pledge’ that got so much press started innocently. Trying to keep twitter interesting, I promised a bj to all my followers if the USA won the World Cup. The followers had a ton of fun but the USA lost to Ghana. I was repeatedly asked to pick another team. England was a natural choice because Twitter friend Miss Hybrid is English and we figured we would have some fun with the same thing. Same promise, same result… England lost immediately.

With Bobbi’s site going live, with no preconceived notions of world fame, “#TeamBJ” was born. Bobbi made ‘The Promise’. Me, Miss Hybrid, and a girl I had been tweeting with, Gabby Quinteros, backed it up. There was a tremendous amount of chatter on the net when the promise was made but in truth it was Holland’s win over Brazil that catapulted ‘The Promise’ into the headlines. Maybe it was the fact Bobbi is a hot Dutch blonde and her team was making a cup run, maybe it was the fact the world found Maradona or Larissa Riquelme’s promises to strip and go for a run in support of their teams interesting, but Bobbi Eden’s pledge to give a blowjob to all of her followers if Holland won the world cup (with a hand from me, Gabby and Miss H) overnight was a sensation.

Bobbi Eden went from about 4,000 followers to having the most followers out of any adult actress in the world in 24 hours. Her image appeared in literally dozens of countries and all over the internet and #TeamBJ was something fans clamoured to be a part of on the net from all over the world. All of the girls in #TeamBJ saw remarkable increases in followers.

There are no doubt some jaded folks who are going to say things like: 1. We were never going to go through with it; 2. It was all just a massive marketing plan; 3. Our followers are all going to leave in droves. I am happy to say nothing seems to be further from the truth. 99% of the tweets I have so far received are positive. Most people say things like was the first time they found the World Cup interesting, that they had never thought about sex during a game before, and that the girls involved made it so much fun for them. There has not been a massive unfollow. Sure there are some people who just followed for the sake of seeing what would happen who immediately left. Having said that, it is my firm belief that the majority of fans were there because the #TeamBJ girls were funny, chill and having fun with the whole thing.

None of the girls backed down or out. Had Holland won, for the rest of their lives they would have had to either make good or put up with guys claiming to be followers asking for bj’s. I am sure there are some in the business who may resent the girls for all the exposure that they got. I hope that the rest of the business gives them credit for getting the subject of adult some press time during what is traditionally a sacred sporting event. I cannot remember the last time an adult actress got so much mass exposure all over the globe in so many countries. In some ways it was a ground breaking peek into what is possible with mass marketing and social networking for the adult industry. That only happened because the girls laid it on the line – prepared to face a barrage of hate mail if they did not live up to The Promise.

Will #TeamBJ be back? As with all things on the internet… it is timing. #TeamBJ is now going to go in history as the first time any such type of pledge was ever made on twitter for a major sporting event (at least that received such worldwide exposure to my knowledge). It worked for the moment and engaged countess people in countless cultures around the world with multiple different languages. Everything I do on the net is for fun. #TeamBJ will likely rise again but we shall see. I hate being boring and contrived. Like all amazing movies, the sequels are never usually as good as the original. If the public wants #TeamBJ back and the timing is right anything is possible. Maybe #TeamBJ will make another World Cup run at Brazil 2014.

For my part, I want to thank each and every one of my followers who put up with a constant barrage of tweets, my members who allowed me the leeway to interact with the fans who choose to follow rather than join my site, and the other girls who backed the promise right to the end. Bobbi Eden is coming to hang out with me in August so you can be sure we are planning something fun for the fans.

The final big question. Were Bobbi, me, Gabby & Miss H really going to give 112,000 bjs if Holland won? You figure out of 112,000 anywhere from 50-75% of the followers may not have even accepted a blowjob if you offered it. Let’s face it, tons of guys are married or would never want to be Number 102,534 for example. Out of the remainder, some simply would not be able to travel because of work reasons to collect. Is a guy from China or Samoa going to fly all the way to Holland or the USA if given the chance? There also is the question which of the followers would have really gone through with it on their end if given the chance. We do daily cam2cam’s here where guys are given the opportunity to get on cam with their favorite pornstar. There are no rules and nudity is fully encouraged. Yet, only a small portion actually go through getting on cam and most people like to remain annonymous. I dare say had Bobbi and I set up an announced date certain and invited any and everyone to attend, a fraction of the followers would have actually shown up. We have a big network of girls who LOVE giving bj’s who would have gladly helped out had a lengthy line been formed. It was always our intention to satisfy the fans….. we just did not expect the mass frenzy that resulted from the now infamous tweet. My mindset was wait for a Holland win, work out the logistics later.

The internet is truly a facinating place. I am just trying to carve out my piece of it. I am blessed to have this Network of girls, a loyal fan base, and the ability to keep making independent adult porn without having to rely on the rest of the adult business. My only plan is to promote girls in the business who deserve it. It is immensely satisfying to see girls like Gabby Quinteros get so much press and Bobbi catapult into pop culture fame. Fans, members and followers, none of this is possible without your continuing support for our silly brand of independent fun. We here at the VNA will continue to work for your support day in day out and above all have fun with the things we do.

Scotty! Beam me up…. I almost had to help give 110,000 blowjobs and my keyboard is on fire from tweeting too much!

Vicky Vette
The Vette Nation Network – Support Independent Porn!



  1. Rafael says:

    I found a way to make everyone happy. Choose one guy from every nationality, call the TEAMBJ and let’s have some world cup of fuck.

    I’m a Brazilian fan… if it doesn’t work now, I’ll be waiting for u, girls, in 2014.

    Right here, hard as a rock! Love ya…

    Beijos gatas deliciosas!

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