Sunning our buns and cruisin around

Gabby went home this morning and I need a nap! lol… We worked so hard while she was here with me for 4 full days. We did our hula hoop video, and our strapon camshow, with pics to each, plus about 12 other photosets some with me and some solo for her new site. Plus the poor girl shot with Carmen too while she was here! They did another video and a set of solo and a set of g/g. So lots of content for our Gabby! I think she has enough to start her new site now for sure! She even came to boxing class, and bodypump with me too! We had a blast, except that she wore a tiny little microfibre top and when we jumped rope or did jumping jacks, her boobies really did not want to stay in there!  We had to slow down at least for an hour and relax in the sun and enjoy ourselves! (Not that shooting hot sex is not enjoyable, lol).

I have a bunch more cute pics to post on the blog, will get to them shortly! A few doozies from Rokkerr’s birthday party too!

Cruising around in the jeep looking for trouble to get into! Actually we were scoping out places looking for a place to shoot the next morning! Lo and behold, we found one! We had to get up at 6 am, but hey quality porn is worth it right?
Did that sign say “dangerous curves”?

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  1. Vickyfan says:

    Hi Vicky, when I see this pictures I´d like to make a quickie with you on the beach. Your wonderful breasts and your body are really a dream. Happy Mothers Day!

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