Stocking Fetishes!?

Ok, so I was in the south of Spain having a trip and visiting massive humongous boobed Rebecca Jessop. She says…’Vicky… let’s play with a pair of stockings!’ So we shot a very cool set of stockings being shoved in all the right (or wrong) places. I am in stockings, she is in stockings, and there seems to be a spair set of stockings which the cameraman swore were not his. To cap it off we wore school girl outfits. Is the stocking thing sexy to you? What is it about stockings that turn you on?

For the complete set of pics with Rebecca Jessop as well as videos…. head to the best damn MILF driving a Corvette running an army website in the world….. RIGHT HERE


2 responses to “Stocking Fetishes!?”

  1. h0rnytoad1 says:

    mmm insertion, thats hot…

    instant boner !

  2. feller469 says:

    Some magicians hide handkerchiefs up their sleeves, not Rebecca.

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