Still time to Vote for XBiz Awards








We put all the dogs in a kennel and head back to LA on Wed night, Jan 22nd, for 2 days of the conference and the Awards on Friday night! I’m going to go to every seminar I can and spread VNA love everywhere! If I’m lucky I’ll shoot some GG content, and meet some new people. I’m actually speaking at one of the seminars, imagine that, someone thinks I’m qualified to speak, EEK! I would rather be naked, lol… Oh well, I’ll give it a shot… I’m presenting an award on stage too… I chose a beautiful long sleeved black and silver dress, very elegant, but short and curvy and tight. I will post lots of pictures here of course.

There is still time for you to drop me a vote or two, I sure would appreciate it! I would really like to bring one of these home! Just click these links! I’m nominated for Webstar of the Year, and Performer Site of the Year!


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