Re-Launching my Online Store

Check out
I finally revamped it so it matches the site! Pretty nifty huh? Can you help me test it out? Make sure everything works, check if there is anything that is hard to read (like dark grey text on black background or stuff like that), typo’s, etc…

Also I really want to stop stocking so many videos… .There are a lot of that I only have one video left, and there are some that I”m not even on the cover, but it’s a great scene, but I’d rather sell out of everything than have to keep track of them, bring to conventions, etc… It would make more space in my closet!

So I made some coupon codes… if anyone is interested, they are good on everything across the board
SAVE10 on orders over $25
SAVE20 on orders over $50
SAVE30 on orders over $100
SAVE40 on orders over $200

I also had a programmer help me set up the shipping better… so it should be cheaper (than it was the way it was set up before) on multiple items…
and on 8×10’s I reduced the shipping to a flat rate of just $1 per 8×10 (it really costs $2, $3 and $4 to ship one to usa/canada and europe.)

A lot of people ask me for the thongs after the camshows, so I’ll try to be more consistent about putting them in the store!

Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions?

Here are a couple of the items:


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