Quick Teaser

Here’s a quick teaser of the Vickybot stuff coming up – an all new creation here at Vickyathome… we started off in color but went to some strange settings on the camera later on… is it art or porn, lol.. you decide… Members can click on the pic and see the rest of this little teaser set. vickybot01
Vickybot was supposed to clean the studio but instead she went a little nuts on the equipment! I guess she needs some reprogramming!

2 responses to “Quick Teaser”

  1. vectis says:

    Looking at Vickybots ineffective efforts with a feather duster for your proposed domestic(ironing,vacuuming etc)show considerable reprogramming will be needed,

  2. Sasha Sparks says:

    Omg, I have an entertainment center just like that, lol! Looking hot Vicky!

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