Press Release: Sasha Sparks!




Adult Milf Superstar and reigning Booble Girl of the Year 2008 Vicky Vette announces today the addition of Best Extreme Bondage Model 2006 Sasha Sparks & to the Vette Nation network of websites. With the expansion, someone signing up to either,, or gets all three sites inclusive!

Vicky Vette is quoted as saying: “This is part of the planned world domination of the Vette Nation Army! (ha ha). I am super excited that Sasha Sparks is joining our ranks. Sasha brings some seriously hardcore bondage/fetish action to what members of the Vette Nation get when they enlist. Sasha was voted Best Extreme Bondage Model for a reason and is just what the Vette Nation Army needs – whips, chains, ropes, and an assortment of nipple clams! Between her and Nina Hartley we can be dominating and submitting at the same time!”

Vicky Vette also announces enhanced interaction for fans on her exclusive Members Only Board. Vicky says: “Under the expansion, Nina Hartley and Sasha Sparks both have forums on the Vette Nation members board to interact and chat with the members. If you are a member of my site, Nina’s site, or Sasha’s site, you can interact with all of us on one global board. I think it’s the best paysite members board in the business with all kinds of girls, guys and couples posting. I should add that all three sites have access to 24/7 camshows for members on two cam networks.”

Sasha Sparks is quoted as saying: “It is awesome to have my site up and running and alongside two legends in the business like Nina & Vicky. I am shooting some seriously twisted new content for my fans and members. I can’t wait to get going!”

To celebrate the grand opening of SashaSparks.Com, Sasha Sparks says she plans to join Vicky Vette and Sara Jay in the a special Atlanta AIDSWALK event on Sunday, October 19. “I may like to be tied up most of the time, but Vicky is letting me out of the Vette Nation dungeon long enough to walk for charity! Meet me, Vicky & Sara Jay at the Sunday event by registering or donating here:” Of the charity event on October 19, Vicky says “It is a great chance for everyone to whip it out and feel good about yourself….. your wallet guys, your wallet!”

3 responses to “Press Release: Sasha Sparks!”

  1. Living online has been time well spent my friend. Consider your blog bookmarked for future reference.

  2. Vicky says:

    Thanks sweetie! I’m just getting the hang of this blogging thing! Look out world, you may have just unleashed a blogging fool!

  3. h0rnytoad1 says:

    cool, i wonder if she likes to dress up as a super heroine and be in fake dangerous situations?

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