Pocahontas or Poke A Hot Ass

Hehehe… stole that one from a member….
Just got done shooting this amazing set, I sure hope you like it! Did a photoset and a vid… funny thing, I lost my underwear during this set. I played back the video to see if I could possibly figure out what happened to my panties, but nope one minute they are around one ankle and then next minute out of frame and they are just gone! I never did find them!
squawpreview1pocahontas5 pocahontas4 pocahontas3 pocahontas2 pocahontas1 Snapshot 2 (9-1-2013 9-12 PM) Snapshot 3 (9-1-2013 9-16 PM)

This was a member request for a long time member. I do eventually get to them, lol…. sometimes it takes me a while, but I DO DO THEM! Snapshot 4 (9-1-2013 10-05 PM)Join now to see all of it! 

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