I knew corporations would catch up with me sooner or later! For some of you that follow my ‘career’, you may have caught my series ‘Lavatory Occupied’ – a real life escapade on a De*ta transatlantic flight in the 747 restroom. It seems that the executives over at European run budget airline Ryan Air are taking note of innovative ways to ‘stimulate the passengers’! You have to like a female executive/translator that doesn’t flinch during the conference at the subject matter! Michael O’Leary, the CEO of Ryan Air seems to have a fascination with the pen in his mouth. You can just imagine the Ryan Air sex discrimination lawyers flinching at his comments.

Having just flown Delta airlines last week and been stuck in a horrific seat with no easy access for the type of activity that seems to be in vogue these days, I think I am switching frequent flier programs!! I flew Ryan from London to Norway a couple of years ago for about $30 (yes $30 including taxes). They even gave me a free flight during a raffle on the plane. No activities of the type mentioned here, but Ryan Air – you are ok in my book! Screw the pretzels!

Beam me up Scotty – the airlines are giving away more than just a bag of salty peanuts!

Vicky Vette

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  1. brewers_rule says:

    All I can say is, what am I supposed to do w/the remaining 3 hours and 55 min. of a 4 hour flight on this airline, Vicki?

  2. badboy says:

    well that salty peanut is gonna chew up a bit of time too, you should also bring a parachute cuz they dont come near America, yet , but im sure if you hang long enough the eventual rotation of the earth will get you were you want to go, lol

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