Notice Anything? Look at this Pic Closely!

………… there is a dude on the couch! Talk about blending in! File this under “Vette Nation Army ways to blend into a couch if you are on the verge of getting busted by the wife for watching porn on the home computer.” Can’t say that I like the couch though! Now that your eyes are focused take a second to check out all the changes to my Official site. Yes, in the middle of the night, VICKYATHOME changed!! If you can’t notice the changes to my site…….. you really need your eyes examined.

So far I have put up a new guest, tour, & intro page. More to follow…… there is an all new lavatory occupied FREE clip on the TOUR page.

Happy Monday everyone!! There is a BLAB/instant message chat with me personally @4pm est. Sasha Sparks is going to be there as well. Come say hi to us and chat by joining my site.


One response to “Notice Anything? Look at this Pic Closely!”

  1. feller469 says:

    Homeland security starts at home.

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