No nude pics!


Well, if you think you are getting it by writing to me at Myspace, yahoo or email me for nude pics, you are asking the WRONG person. A quick, short pet peeve. Some folks around here insist on writing me things like:

– hey sweets, you are hot, do you model? can I have a nudie pic?
– hey Vicky! are you horny, wanna msn?
– hey mami, hit me up with a nude pic to my yahoo!

I do admit that I have NOTHING better to do than to send nude pictures of me to whoever asks all day. In fact there is NOTHING I like to do better than have random sex chats with whoever hits me up at 2.23 am. But, for those in the Vette Nation who have not gotten the message yet

– MYSPACE IS NOT AN ADULT XRATED SITE! I know it is hard to fathom, but there is a reason why there are no pics of me on my profile doing the downward dog completely naked and with a vibrator stuck in one or more locations! I have a smashingly fun website called Vickyathome dot com, where you can, with the aid of something called Visa, Mastercard, check, telephone, and cashier’s check you can download all the nudie pics and video of me that you could ever want AND meet me online live and real time almost every day! Myspace is a ‘social networking’ site people – NOT a place to trade nude pictures so NO, please don’t send me silly requests that take up valuable time from all the great messages that I do get in my inbox. I have some shocking news – there are tons of phoney profiles on myspace and everywhere else. Yes, it is true, a 16 year old can check a box representing that he/she is over 18 and create a profile that says anything he/she wants. So, yes, even when a guy writes with a profile saying he is a 36 year old stud muffin in Hollywood, in reality the person could be a kid. I could get in deep trouble for sending adult material and it is NOT worth it.

For those people OVER the age of 18 who write things like ‘yo ma, send me a nudie pic’, there is something called Gooooooooooooooogle. All you have to do is type in my name, V-I-C-K-Y V-E-T-T-E and tons of free stuff will magically appear that feature pics of me in various yoga positions. For those of you that enjoy adult entertainment and seriously want to interact with me in an adults only setting, grab a membership to Vickyathome. It is more fun than myspace or yahoo groups, I promise.

Vicky Vette

vicky vette4

2 responses to “No nude pics!”

  1. Peter Harris says:

    Vicky … I enjoy seeing you with your clothes off, but I also really enjoy seeing you with your clothes on. It reminds me that you are a very smart woman and a very nice one.

  2. Arthur L says:

    Clothes or no clothes you still look damn sexy!

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