New panties, etc in the store!

A lot of people are asking for panties and thongs, so I put a lot of new items in my store:
xblackleatheretteplayboybustier0 resize

xblackleatherbustier0 resize

xbluesequinthong0 resize

xfullbackpanties0 resize

I’m pretty sure I don’t price things as high as most in my profession and I don’t charge ridiculous amounts for shipping, just so you know!

Check them out! I also have a lot of movies in there, about 70 of them. A lot of them I don’t want to stock anymore, I am moving, and I just don’t have the space, so I want to sell off what I have left!

Therefore you’ll find a lot of them priced at only $15 and of course I’ll still sign them for you, naughty or niceā€¦. This is a good time to grab them right now!

4 responses to “New panties, etc in the store!”

  1. Ian says:

    I like you panties with got your cum stain. I interested to buy one if available.


    How to meet you in personal? You are really hot lady!!!



  2. desert duck says:


    who wants your panties, all i want is your mouth, pussy and ass for one night, well maybe more.

    desert duck

  3. Luis says:

    Lovely Vicky,

    is also possible to buy your used sandals?

    Thanks so much and kisses at your feet…

  4. Vicky Vette says:

    yes there are some shoes in the store too, if you want something special, email me!

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