New Addition to the Vette Nation! MISS SHANDA FAY!

You have to like girl with a strong wrist! We are continuing to expand, just like your penii! Ha Ha. I am happy to report that Shanda Fay is officially in the Vette Nation. Shanda is a filthy Canadian girl with an even more filthy site…. What is it about Canadians? Anyway…. if you are as mezmerized by this picture as I am, you can get Shanda’s site FREE just by joining my site…..! Shanda is not only interacting with everyone on our members only board BUT, she is DOING A LIVE SHOW TODAY that you can get FREE just by joining here….

So……….. grab your Members Only Pass ($25 bucks a month) and go say hi to the girls of the Vette Nation… me, Sasha, Britney, Shanda, Sunny, Michelle, & Rebecca! PS… I am live on Friday too!


One response to “New Addition to the Vette Nation! MISS SHANDA FAY!”

  1. vectis says:

    Surely Vicky you would know “what it is about Canadians”LOL

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