So this ‘news’ story was brought to my attention by a post at my ultra cool members only board at my Official Site. I then immediately researched the story myself by checking that bastion of superb impartial reporting at CNN. At first I could not believe it, but yes…… you can’t marry a pornstar. You would be better marrying an unemployed millionaire instead. Why? Marrying a pornstar leads to termination from your job!

I just blogged today, and I was not going to blog twice in one day, but since this is fresh off CNN…. I had to chime in.

It seems the good people in the City Council at Fort Meyers, Florida saw fit to call an Emergency Session after they learned that the City Council Manager was married to a pornstar. Without a single dissenting vote, and for no apparent reason other than this shocking transgression, the City Manager was summarily fired by a 5-0 vote! Quick! The town is under siege! Fire the guy!

Here is a Yahoo Article in case you have not seen this yet on CNN.

Just when I was starting to think that maybe backwards minded views towards adult were starting to be behind us, here is yet another example of conservatism rearing its ugly head. Make all the jokes you like, but this comes from the State of Florida which recently imprisoned someone for making adult movies (don’t get me started on that subject) and tried to imprison rappers 2 Live Crew almost two decades ago. I LOVE FLORIDA. It is beautiful and in case anyone does not know, is home of tons and tons of adult productions. Southern Florida is basically the equivalent of porn valley in Los Angeles. Florida HAS MORE STRIP JOINTS THAT ANY STATE IN THE UNITED STATES (over 200 by last count).

And yet………… you can’t marry a pornstar.

Ok, so the guy worked for the city, and yes his wife apparently made some adult movies. Is that a reason to fire someone? Is that an emergency? No one dissented? As a final note, I watched the CNN coverage and the news reporter smuggly ‘reported’ his own viewing of the pornstar’s website and that he could not find a soul in the entire city of Fort Meyers who thought that the person in question should be fired. Another case of mainstream media flirting with adult for ratings without doing so much as one actual interview. Overnight, this pornstar’s life is mainstream fodder – like it or not.

On a sarcastic note…. thanks Fort Meyers City Council for screwing up the chances of pornstars everywhere being able to hook up and marry single employed guys. Heaven forbid you can lose your job for associating with ‘our kind’. Now employed guys everywhere have to keep us in the closet! I guess the only guys left to marry are rockstars or guys without a job.

What say ye Vette Nation? Can or should you get the boot for marrying my kind of gurl? If you were on the City Council would you can a collegue who happened to marry a hot tamale who likes cameras?

Beam me up Scotty…. you can’t hang with pornstar and get a W2!

Vicky Vette


One response to “NEVER MARRY A PORNSTAR!”

  1. Patrick says:

    Firing someone because of the profession of their spouse is plain wrong regardless of what the profession is and legal action should be taken in such a situation,on a personal note i couldn’t date,much less marry a porn star because it would shatter my heart to know the woman I love gets it on with other men/women,I’m monogamous by nature,I dated strippers and I have NEVER behaved jealous or angry,they never heard a peep from me,it simply hurt like hell and i lived with it,I can’t imagine how much it would hurt to be in a relation with a porn star,but hey I digress lol.

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