My Weekend With Tony Robbins… Twitter & Cool Celebs

With a title like that, and me being errrrr …. well who I am, I bet you are expecting a sordid dirty blog about a weekend romp with Tony Robbins… yes… THAT Tony Robbins. Not so Vette Nation! A blog that I have been trying to write for a while but held back until I could write something of substance and got some video tape edited. With the rigors of my own schedule, I finally sat down to write more than just a few sentences.

I met Tony Robbins somehow through twitter after I threw out a totally random tweet that ‘Tony Robbins is a god” or words to that effect. Yes… I admit it, I am one of ‘those people’ who had actually bought one of his self help vids online a number of years ago. I guess that self help vid must have worked because I ended up in porn! (kidding Tony!). Now I am not sure how or why I was blessed with Tony responding to my tweet but much to my shock he did. The amazing joys of twitter. I can pretty much guarantee that some of you are saying, “Vicky! Tony Robbins? He’s nothing more than a late night infomercial guy who is nothing better than a used car salesman?!?!?!” Before you do, you guys really have to see what Tony does for people all over the world. The man is not a flash in the pan… he has been trying to improve people lives through self help since I can remember and provides advice to some of the most influential people in the world.

But, without further ado, onto ‘the weekend’. Even I must admit, when Tony first contacted me I thought ….. hmmmmmmmmmm a celeb trying to get in my pants? Tickets to a ‘seminar’ in Orlando? It all sounded fishy. But, after a few exchanged emails with a trusted ‘rep’, I was on my way to Orlando to see Tony Robbins at a ‘seminar’. I was told… come to the seminar… see what you think….

Confession: I thought I was in for a few hours a day of chillin’ with a book that you scan and throw away at the end… like all seminars – looking for ways to make excuses to run to a decent restaurant down the street and split early. While I was told beforehand, ‘Vicky… you can expect it to start at about 8ish and go to midnight or so… every day’, I didn’t believe a word. Like Tony Robbins is going to be on stage all weekend from 8 in the morning until 1 the next day… every day for three straight days… not gonna happen right? I thought I was going to listen to a boring lecture about how I could improve myself for a few hours and head home. Boy… was I wrong.

In short…. Tony Robbins is a freak….. and I don’t mean that in a bad way. He is a remarkable man who with energy, passion, and drive to help people improve themselves. On the first day, he started at 8ish am and went all day… and I mean all day at times whipping the packed crowd (as big as a small concert) into a massive frenzy as he promised to change their lives if they just listened and had the courage to take the first step with him. What was the first step? No less than a promised ‘firewalk’ on hot burning coals. Ok then… I am going to change my life AND walk on burning coal in less than 24 hours AND….. there are two more days? Sure enough, during the first day, Tony delivered on his promises in a spectacle of energy that I have NEVER seen… even at most rock concerts. The man didn’t just lecture…. he performed, without a script, no notes, and was ‘at one’ with almost every single person in the crowd. I saw people laughing, singing, screaming…. and yes crying their eyes out. At times it was almost evangelical. The strange thing was Tony barely took any breaks. There were no lunch breaks……. dinner? Think again. From literally 8 in the morning until 1 the next day there was a steady stream of talking, singing & entertainment of one form or another.

I have to hand it to Tony. He promised everyone they would walk on fire. There happened to be a rainstorm that night which actually was severe enough to leak into the building BUT he stuck through into the early morning long enough so that the clouds cleared and the coals could be lit. Coals I hear you ask? Yes… out in the parking lot of the convention center, coals had been heated to white hot temperatures for people to walk on…. if you were willing to take that step. I was not sure if I was brave enough and certainly thought in the back of my mind ‘this is nuts.. why do it?’ but when everyone was encouraged to go outside and walk on fire, all chanting ‘yes, yes, yes’ as they went… I had to try it. Yes, I did walk on the coals (pictures are in the video of my feet). It was a surreal experience… walking on coals with thousands of other people brave enough to do so.

Some of you are gonna say ‘Vicky… that’s just a bunch of bull. Nobody gets anything out of going to one of those seminars… what a waste of time!” Until you personally have seen and gone to a Tony Robbins seminar you have NO idea what you are in for. There is no doubt in my mind… having spoken to a number of the people at the event that it is in fact a life changing experience for them. People stuck in bad relationships or jobs often don’t have the courage to change without some kind of kick in the you know what. Investing the time, energy, commitment & yes… money… into changing life and perspective is a daunting thing. Tony’s seminars give an approach to changing your life for the better if you are willing to try it. Love or hate his approach…. people are changed for the better all over the world. Tony is an amazing man who gives 150%. I at no time sensed he was ‘mailing it in’ or that he was just there for a buck. It would have been easy for him to do just that, but he didn’t…. almost losing his voice completely by the end of the first day.

…. and was just day 1! I actually thought perhaps Tony would not be back much after Day 1. He had no voice left. Evidently he must have picked up some ancient tribal medicine from a trip to Peru or something because he was back on the microphone jumping, screaming, and talking for huge chunks of the weekend. I kept looking at my watch on Sunday… not because I wanted to leave but because I could not believe that he was still trying to help people until the early morning hours well after the seminar was supposed to be over.

So at the end of Day 3, I get a private message on twitter…. ‘Vicky, where are you?’ Somehow, between a non stop schedule Tony took the time to DM me to make sure I had come. Ahhhhh… the skeptics are AGAIN gonna say….. ‘booty call!’ Not so! I was with Rokkerr who most of you know from the site, not a small man himself. We were both invited to come down to the front of the stage and invited backstage. I didn’t know what to expect. It was literally 2 in the morning but sure enough Tony was backstage with about 20 people speaking and having pictures taken. Tony was nothing but a gentlemen…. saying to me “I bet you are wondering why you are here right?” When I replied “Of course”…. he said words to the effect that in adult I was “positive” and that a video clip he had seen on the net made him laugh – rare in adult. I can’t end this story without letting you know that when the picture was taken, I squeezed Tony Robbins’ ass as hard as I could just to shock him a bit when the flash went off. Guilty as charged…. hey… it’s Tony Robbins & I wanted to squeeze it. As a sidenote… Tony is HUGE. I was wearing heels in the picture below and he towered above me……

Tony did invite us to go to Bali for another one of his seminars… and I would LOVE to go. Most of you know I have a very solid fan base in Indonesia BUT I have been very public about some of the things the government has done there (locking up people for having sex tapes & censorship issues). I think if I took a trip to Bali I might not make it past customs!

In closing… if you ever get a chance to go to one of his seminars or listen to one of his CD’s or DVD’s… don’t be a skeptic. Keep an open mind. Tony ….. thank you, thank you, thank you for inviting me… and yes… you have a great ass….

Beam me up Scotty!! I just walked on fire and my feet are now dirty…..

Vicky Vette
PS I was going to just put the video in the members area but decided to put it up on YouTube so more people could get a sense of the show and Tony in action.

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  1. Jon Svaleson says:

    Hi Vicki,
    That is so cool that you got to meet Tony. I’ve listened to his stuff several times. I am also a fan of yours, follow you on Twitter and Myspace.

    I’m really hoping you could take a little time and take a look at our website and please just say hi.


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