My Friend Just Passed Away

Not the kind of news that I am used to reporting or blogging about.

I just went to Los Angeles and saw Richard De Montfort while I was at the LA Erotica. Richard shot me tons of times and was, as described in the AVN article just published ‘a true champion of his craft’. Richard was so nice to me at LA Erotica. We talked for a long time at Jules Jordan’s booth – friendly, helpful and kind, as always. A gentleman – to think that was just a few weeks ago and that he is no longer with us – is shocking. He just texted me last week. I am stunned and saddened. The industry needs professionals these days more than ever – and we just lost a great one. Richard was brilliant and intelligent, one of the hardest working people I
know, I really liked him, we teased the hell out of each other. We always promised to hang out, to do lunch, to call each other more. Locations,
schedules and hectic lives in general always prevented it, but it just goes to show you, you never know how much time you have. What a reality check.
Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Tell the people you care about how you feel.

I was just thinking that the adult industry does nothing much – if anything – to recognize the passing away of people in the business. Icon Marilyn Chambers passed away this year and was not mentioned at the recent FAME Awards. I wish there was something we could do in the industry to recognize our fallen heros – such as a minute or two to recognize them at events like AVN or FAME…. like they do at the OSCARS.

Maybe someone at AVN or FAME will read this and think of the people who carved the way for us to be doing what we do for a living when the yearly awards roll around. A minute or two in between all promo for new movies to buy would be a classy thing to do.

Richard – thanks for everything – wherever you are. I for one will miss you and you are remembered.

Here is one of the pictures that Richard took of me from my personal collection………

rm 263 resize

2 responses to “My Friend Just Passed Away”

  1. h0rnytoad1 says:

    my condolences to you, and everyone in his family.

  2. William says:

    Sorry to hear of your loss Vicki.
    seems these days all professions need their “Richard”
    I will keep his family and you in my thoughts this day


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