More friends than GOD! (joke)

So I get this comment from Kyle on myspace: “Vicky, God has made you beautiful to do beautiful things for him. Start thinking about what God desires from you and not this world. I love you and so does our God. Kyle”

Kyle, MYSPACE PROFILE HERE has as his number one friend, God himself! Yes, God uses myspace apparently and has 3,033 friends here! Don’t believe me? Here it is…

Now it can be said…. I have more friends than God! I think you should all be coming to me for salvation perhaps.

Before you start throwing stones at me for my blasphemy, I use this joke to point out that for some reason, some people in the world think that they should try and save me, or that I am somehow doing something lacking in beauty by shooting sex on camra. I asked Kyle politely not to post again but he has gone ahead an put more religious offerings on my page – which is going to lead to him being deleted (sorry).

I will say this again, I am not against religion of any kind. I am against people judging me for what I am….. a fun loving girl who likes having sex on camera……..ALOT!!! I do not do drugs, do not drink, do not have kids, and simply like doing what I do. I don’t want to be saved unless I ask to be saved? Last time I checked Adam & Eve had to do something to get the human race going…. what is wrong with doing demonstrations oncamera once and a while! Think of it as a public service…..

I am of course being tongue in cheek (for once), but who anoints people to go out and save people? Does this guy really think that somehow I genuinely need saving? He has no idea what I believe or do not believe in. Does having sex on camera automatically mean that I do not believe in God and am damned unless I run to my local Church and say 10 our fathers? All I can say is that I try to do good in the world…. both on screen and off. If that is not going to get me to heaven, then I guess I am going in the other direction. Give my regards to God and tell him to try a few more bulletins and friend requests.

Beam me up Scotty!
Vicky Vette

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