Membership has it’s privileges!

Walt the Camoflage tape man!

This is our member Walt helping us out at Adultcon! We had to wear tape on our nipples, God forbid anyone see a nipple! Eek!

adultcon049Click on the pic to see a video of poor Walt doing his very best, especially on SaraJay’s gargantuan titties…. teeheehee…..

adultcon003I must have taken 2000 pictures at least at Adultcon, I was trying to wait until more people emailed me in the pics they took, but I give up, lol.. if I don’t post these now I never will, you know how it goes… Click on this pic to see the whole gallery, there are about 150 or so pics…

One response to “Membership has it’s privileges!”

  1. Benny says:

    Lucky SOB is right. You go Walt!

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