Me and my Snapper!

Haha, well it’s not snapper, actually it’s barracuda! Went fishing today with a small group! I hated getting up at UUGHH 6 am, but it was sooo worth it, by 7:30 it was kind of magical out on the water.


We didn’t have huge luck, there were 5 of us and we cought about 8 fish I believe, spanish mackeral, king mackeral and barracuda, we also caught live bait first (sardines) that part was very fun! I loved pulling up my line and having 4 or 5 squirmers on it! I felt kind of queasy at times, but it was just thrilling when someone would yell “FISH ON” and we’d all run to the pole.

Rokkerr and I brought home about 3 or 4 nice meals, had the first one tonight and put the rest in the freezer. He enjoyed himself, but don’t think he wants to do it again! lol…. Next birthday will be canoeing or kayaking.

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  1. That is one UUUUUUGGGGGGLLLLLY mofo…LOL


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