Loved working with Charlee Chase!

Another great benefit of moving to Florida! I’m close to lots of hot talent like Charlee Chase of! (website coming soon). She is so fun and easy to work with, she does not only porn but all sorts of other fetishes like hairwashing! I love to have my hair washed by someone else, I told her she could wash my hair anytime she wants! I just put up a vid we did together a few weeks ago, it’s the first time we’ve worked together since 2005! She’s just as hot and tasty now as she was then – actually I think she’s better. Check out these screencaps from the vid I just uploaded to the site!







3 responses to “Loved working with Charlee Chase!”

  1. mord says:

    damn! the movie must be awesome! can’t wait to see it soon 😀

    btw, right now (while reading your blog, dear) i’m watching one of my most favorite movie of yours; vicky vette – my friend’s hot mom. for sure, it’s one of the best porn ever! i love watching you in the pink cloth, dear. you’re so cute and sexy. perfect 🙂

  2. Vlad says:

    Wow you girls are awesome! I really love it!

  3. joyal says:

    u r so sexy &hot iam a big fan of u

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