Love this hotel!

I can’t believe I am loving staying downtown LA! Last time I stayed downtown it wasn’t so!
IMG 4739
We got a great deal on this awesome place! It has the coolest vibe to it, everyone is very chilled and laid back. Which was good for me when my girl for content and camshow (Shyla Stylez) had to postpone till tomorrow, so yay! An excuse to stay here another day!

IMG 4734
That is the view from the elevator.. it’s one of those outside ones that slides up and down the exterior of the hotel. That is a pool and a restaurant, we had a very late lunch out there after shooting with Deauxma today.

IMG 4736 IMG 4737
That is me being silly in the elevator, it was about to get very xrated, when another patron got in the elevator, he gave us a very suspicious look.

IMG 4735 IMG 4583
That is the view from our room. We are going to try to get a larger room for tomorrow’s shoot with Shyla.

IMG 4743 IMG 4744
This hotel is really futuristic looking! I’m sure I’ve seen it in a movie, but can’t remember which one. They have a small running track, a little gym, and all these little pods, with one nautilus machine on each pod, like a stepper, a leg extension, delt machine, etc.. I wonder if anyone uses them? I would! lol… I actually ran around the track just one time for fun, even though I had no bra and just flip flops on…
IMG 4746 IMG 4747 IMG 4748 What’s really great about this hotel is that it’s pet friendly! At no extra charge! They charge extra for internet, kill you on the parking fee ($35 per day) but pets are free! Woo hoo I’ll be back!
IMG 4745 Ok onto the good stuff! We hung the Do not disturb – pornography in process tag on the door.

Here are previews from today!

IMG 4610 resize

IMG 4626 resize

IMG 4631 resize

IMG 4700 resize

IMG 4692 resize

Rokkerr took all these pics, I have 3 sets of them approx 50 pics each set, I think he did an amazing job! They will be posted on the site very shortly!

9 responses to “Love this hotel!”

  1. vectis says:

    With the company of the fabulous Deauxma and the hotel you are certainly living the “high” life.

  2. Sayler says:

    I love this amazing set
    u too are hot as hell
    what’s amazing idea to shoot with the amazing Deauxma
    plz wana her in cam show ans another sets & videos

    ur faithful fan

  3. Laura Jeb And Sue says:


    We know and love that hotel.

    Did Deauxma give extra licks from Trio to you?

  4. vicky says:

    Yes she told me!

  5. h0rnytoad1 says:

    fuck, i need me some awesome babes tonight, you 2 are just too hot together ! ! ! !

    And what a view from the elevator, too bad that dumbass ruined the hot monkey sex time.

    hang in there vicky, you’ll get your man , lavatory or elevatory occupied!

  6. Laura Jeb And Sue says:


    Please forgive us for cheating on you? But, Deauxma is one of the best and a JOI friend too. Hey, the hotel is in lots to movies all out there! Lucky Vicky gets to see it live!!

    HT1 tonight is an extra hot TGIF. Puma in a few minutes at 9 EST, Nikki at 10 and the “Main Event” Vicky & Shyla at 11!!! WaHooters.

  7. AussieSteve says:

    Wow, that hotel looks awesome!! Vicky and Deauxma together, love it!! Time to join Vicky and Shyla on Camz!!

  8. feller469 says:

    all those wonderful restaurants in LA and you stayed in and ate? God bless you two. LoL

  9. geto says:

    Vicky: Where can I download this set, I use to be a member of the site but I didn’t get my bailout, but for this set is something I can’t miss. Please let me know. Luv

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