I’m on Private Camz tonight! Free $10 for you!

Hey if you want to try out PRIVATE CAMZ tonight is your lucky night! I’m doing private shows from now until midnight, followed by a bj camshow in the cam2cam room at midnight. (free for members of vickyathome.com) All night tonight you have the opportunity to turn on your cam too any time you wish so I can see you as well.

Click here if you want a coupon for $10 free!

Once you have your code, click this link to sign yourself up, http://www.camz.com/z/index/tracker/40092909 then use the code to get $10 in free chips. The code will expire in 7 days. You don’t have to use it in 7 days, just register and add it to your account.. also you can spend it on anyone, doesn’t have to be me. Have fun, I’ll see you there!

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