If only real life was like the VNA!

Yesterday while out running around we passed VisionWorks, a new store that just opened in our area. They had a big sign, “opening specials – 2 pairs of glasses for $99”. Perfect I thought, I’ve been needing glasses for some time now and have been putting it off long enough. Have you noticed me squinting during the camz shows and cam2cam chats? lol…

“How much is the eye exam?” I asked the man behind the counter. “$39” he replies. “Sold!”

So I choose two pairs of frames. Those are not included in the deal he says. Oh, ok how about these? No not those either? Actually you can’t get the $99 deal because you need bifocals (I see perfect up close, just can’t see far). Yours would be $149 for two. Ok no problem, still a great deal. So I choose 2 frames. One regular and one sunglasses. Those are not included he says. Those frames are each an extra $50 on top of the $149. OK fine I say…. The glasses I chose had no frame on the bottom so they would be less visible on my face. Oh the frameless one we have to do in carbon so they don’t chip, so that is an extra $49 on top of the extra $50. Damn. Then he says the sunglasses are an extra $15 to make them sunglasses. “But I’m choosing them from the sunglasses section?” I say. The sign says 2 for $149 for sunglasses. Yes but that is with clear glass. I ask who would get sunglasses with clear glass? That is misleading.

I finally get everything ordered, being careful to choose glasses with frames, all from the correct section.

The one hour policy doesnt apply because it is so late in the day already. So Rokkerr says he’ll go back and pick them up the next day.

After all that rigamorole, they ask me if I would like contact lenses. Sure I say! I love to run, go to the gym, do sports – glasses are in the way and can get broken. I ask how much they are, because of the bifocal thing I figured they might be pricey. Only $60 for a 6pack? Wow that’s a great deal! So they fit me for a pair and I am happy as a clam.

When I checked out I was shocked. After itemizing my $321 bill for my 2/$149 glasses there was still a $70 discrepancy. (That does not include the contact lenses that is separate) They explained that it was for the fitting for contact lenses? What fitting? They let me try a pair to see if they were comfortable. I understand the prescription is not exactly the same but I did pay for an eye exam and if there was to be an extra $70 charge they should have told me about it first? I would have probably still gone forward, but at least give me the choice? We forgot to tell you was the answer. The man behind the counter did feel bad that no one told me there was a $70 fee to try contacts, so he went to speak to a manager to see if they could give me a discount.

NO DICE, MANAGER SAID THE PRICE IS THE PRICE. So I will not get the contact lenses there, I will order them online and I will never go back. VISIONWORKS SUCKS.

Imagine if we worked like that? Ok if you join the site on a tues it’s $19.95 unless it’s after 5 in which case it’s 22.95, you can take the nina and michelle option but not britney and then it’s 15.95 but you can’t watch any camshows. lol…. if you take the camshows but not the cam2cams it’s an extra $5 surcharge… lmao….

NO we are $24.95 a month, for 5 (soon to be 6) hot women, all the content you can handle, a private members only cam2cam everyday mon-fri, almost 24/7 camshows on 2 networks, and an awesome members only board with 30,000 posts. That’s it, no ifs, ands or buts….

Why can’t real life be like the VNA?


3 responses to “If only real life was like the VNA!”

  1. h0rnytoad1 says:

    WTF? They totally suck !!!!

    Worst than car salesmen, yunno the ones who say this is extra and that too, preparation is not included, blabla

    What preparation? removing the company’s “moving” stickers on the hood and windows? bolting the front and rear bumpers? screwing in the little gearshift knob? Doesnt the car come fully assembled anyway from the factory ?

    wtf is preparation anyway ?

    Oh it must be that “new car smell” they tell you about.

    Loopholes and traps, sheesh !

    Give me wet holes and bra straps any day.

  2. Peedy says:

    It seems these “discount” vision places are the new scam cropping up. We had one in our area that was the same way. They advertised buy one get one free and my mom went in for the deal and they tried to get her for 500+ dollars. She did manager to get it down to 300 for two pairs of glasses. However she won’t be going back, and I won’t recommend the place to anyone.

  3. Vicky says:

    Tell me about it Peedy! I got my one pair of regular glasses, and I’m still waiting for the sunglasses. So much for the “glasses in one hour” advertisement huh? I’m going to tell everyone I know who will listen to me. There is also a site called citysearch. I will post on there too. People do read that and do take heed. If someone is pissed off enough to take the trouble to post on city search, you know there is an issue.

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