I Like Birds!!

So, as some of you know, I have a fairly robust Myspace page. Myspace is a fact of life along with social networking so while I get my share of time wasting stuff, every now and again I get something sent that perks the interest, and someone sent me this from Myspace….

Remember people, I am live doing my camshow tomorrow at 5pm est. Get your ticket today and watch/interact with me LIVE!

I do like birds…. feathered, or otherwise. So, if I ever was to put up a bird house… it might look something like this! I don’t think the neighbours would complain, do you?

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One response to “I Like Birds!!”

  1. JosephKM78 says:

    I’d prefer your pussy instead of that wooden hole. I know you like birds but this is a bit much for me 😉
    dick + vagina = happy
    dick + birdhouse = unhappy

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