I Know The Brits Like a Bit of Crumpet but…………

….. if you had to guess which nation was the horniest in the world, if you thought the USA, Holland, Sweden, Australia, or even Thailand…. you would be wrong. Leave it to the Brits to show the world who are the Kings of the World for being No. 1 in casual sex.

No, the Brits can’t win Wimbledon, the World Cup and have not sent a man to the moon (yet), but when it comes to action in the sheets…. the Brits get it done. Maybe that is why there ‘always will be an England.’ I am sure the Queen is quite delighted by the news. Someone is going to get knighted for ‘service to the Empire’.


Here is ‘the skinny’ from the International Sexuality Description Project as reported in AVN……in an ongoing research study conducted by Bradley University psych professor David P. Schmitt, has found the UK is the most promiscuous major industrial nation. It seems the Brits take their ‘bird watching’ very seriously and eat more than fish and chips at night.

….. where do some other countries rank?

1. England
2. Germany
3. The Netherlands
4. Czech Republic
5. Australia (currently trying to filter out adult material from the net!)
6. Good old family loving values United States of America.

The least sex-crazed country in the study? Taiwan! What is their hang up? More than 14,000 people in 48 countries were surveyed through questionnaires about topics such as one-night stands, extra-marital affairs, relationships, cheating, general attitudes towards sexuality and the number of times husbands have visited Vickyathome dot com behind their wives backs (ok, I added that last part so that I could say the name of my site).

Having been to England a few times I can attest that the Brits are far less stuffy in their attitudes than one would think! Remember – this is the homeland of Benny Hill. You can see an exposed woman’s bosom on television without an investigation by the government. There are ‘red light’ areas in London where there are….. real red lights. It seems that a ‘bit of crumpet’ now and again….. is something that Brits take very seriously. Well done England!

Beam me up Scotty! The Brits are walking around with more than Umbrellas!

Vicky Vette

2 responses to “I Know The Brits Like a Bit of Crumpet but…………”

  1. vectis says:

    It’s not just TV to see boobs,try one of our national newspapers http://www.dailysport.co.uk.

  2. vectis says:

    Prime example of “hot crumpet” = Vicky Vette

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