I don’t smoke crack! I lick it!

I don’t smoke crack! (contrary to popular belief, lol… ) but I do lick it! dontsmokecrack03 resize
Here I am modeling my awesome tank top from www.foulmouthshirts.com, I just love tank tops, in the summertime if I have to be dressed, then that is what you’ll find me in. There are about 20 pics and they do get very explicit, (I’m like that) so the rest are inside the site, hehehe…. members can just click the pic to see the rest of ’em!

3 responses to “I don’t smoke crack! I lick it!”

  1. Yummy pics, General….but what’s up with that Florida Gators sports bra??? What…no love for Bulldogs?? LOL


  2. vicky says:

    It was a gift! I showed my appreciation by wearing it in a couple of sets on the site! xoxox

  3. JosephKM78 says:

    I’m gonna rip that shirt off your sexy ass. Damn, you look GOOD!!!!

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