How much do i hate windows 8?

I thought windows 7 was fantastic? If it’s not broke don’t fix it! Why do we have to change things just for the sake of changing? God I miss my start button and my normal desktop! This new version is just not intuitive for me at all! It’s taking 15- 20 min to figure ¬†out each thing that i normally do that takes 1 min. IT SHOULD NOT BE THIS DIFFICULT! I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO DOWNLOAD ANYTHING ELSE JUST TO MAKE MY OPERATING SYSTEM WORK! Are you serious? I have to download something just to make a video DVD play?

Plus it forces me to have accounts with microsoft that I don’t want, and if you refuse to sign in and have a “relationship” with them you can’t do anything. So I have no choice but to make up a name and a fake birthday so I can at least do the things i need to do. It forces Norton security on me. If you do not complete the set up it will not let you click anything else! There is no way to close the box. I have found that on several occasions. When it does windows updates it tells you it’s going to reboot in 15 min, then gives you another warning in 5 min. You have no choice? You can’t say “install next time I reboot, or reboot later. So if you are in the middle of working on something too bad for you! What if I’m in the middle of uploading a new massive sarajay video to my server? it would interrupt it! Well no fear of that because I can’t get my filezilla to work on windows 8 anyway.

It’s full of a whole bunch of useless crap apps that i will never use and everything i need to do 6 times a day, like just grabbing a screencap for a camshow archive just turned into a tedious mess. I feel like i’m just being advertised to every second I’m on the computer. Every few minutes some new thing i wasn’t expecting opens up and tries to sell me something. Or since they took away the ability to close an application, (the little x in the upper right corner is gone) I would leave 20 things open, then somehow while working it would switch applications on me. I googled, and found out I have to press Alt F4 to close things. Why do i have to keep stopping work to google how to do things. It’s really not supposed to be this hard. It’s bad enough when you have to buy a new computer, because your old one is failing and you are petrified of losing all your work, so you have to re-install mail, icq, dreamweaver, photoshop, premiere pro, filezilla, your browser with bookmarks and passwords, media coder, and all the other little things you use every single day. As if that’s not stressful enough, now you have to google every little thing you want to do. NO! YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO BOOT UP AND KNOW HOW TO USE IT. OPEN THE COVER AND GET TO WORK! OR AT LEAST IT SHOULD BE SIMPLE AND MAKE SENSE.

BTW it doesn’t support POP3 mail either. I never did even try to install my photoshop or Dreamweaver on it.

I went to the microsoft website and tried to pay money to download windows 7 and everything I try just brings me to how to upgrade to windows 8.

This piece of crap is going back to Best Buys, I love my new laptop, my sony vaio, it’s my 3rd one I’ve had, but I’m going to return it and see if i can get one with windows 7.





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  1. adam goldman says:

    Congratulations on all your awards Vicki.

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