Happy FILF Day!

Ok, Filf, Dilf, or what about just all you guys out there….. Happy Fathers Day! I get asked all the time how I feel about guys who are married coming to this site. Do I feel guilty? Do I feel bad? If this site gives guys around the world an outlet so that they do NOT cheat on their wives and girlfriends or better yet, so that they try some things at home WITH their wives and girlfriends then what is there to feel bad about? Happy Father’s Day guys….. if your wives and g/f’s do not quite get porn, maybe you should spring them with flowers, a card, an a membership to Vickyathome.Com. A live camshow with your wife and/or girlfriend up on the big screen while you are fooling around can be quite erotic – and spice up the ol’ sex life……

Great week coming up with an insanely hot double blowjob video update, a camshow event on Wednesday, and all kinds of live cam2cam stuff to keep ya’ll entertained. See you tomorrow!

Here is a quick pic……… me n’ Kayla Kupcakes!


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  1. h0rnytoad1 says:

    a double BJ video , hmmm who could that be… could be possibly be with Sunny Lane And Tom Byron ? me hope so, but the photo is not of her tho, but still a hot addition if she comes to the VNA.

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