GTRMAN is celebrating his DVD! This music is actually good! lol… I may even set a porn scene to one of the songs! Here is me posing in his tshirt! I have to decide which one of these to send to him. I took them after a gg strapon show and a double bj show, lol.. probably wasn’t the greatest idea! But hey, I got everything done – plus I think the “freshly fucked” look suits me, hehehe.. don’t you?
IMG 2971 resizeIMG 2972 resizeIMG 2973 resizeIMG 2977 resizeIMG 2978 resizeIMG 2979 resize

2 responses to “GTRMAN Pics”

  1. HT1 says:

    Tight t-shirt, tight jeans, toned and tight everything yummy

  2. Gus says:

    my god ur a sexy sexy woman
    luv the pics

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