July 4 means a lot of different things… to some people a day off, to others a chance to watch fireworks and go to a barbecue, and to others still a chance to remember the freedoms that were supposedly gained as a result of America’s Independence in 1776.

As some of you know I got quite a bit of press overseas in Indonesia where Ariel Irham, the lead singer of a band called ‘Peterpan’ was embroiled in a scandal of having ‘shock’ sex with some well known female stars in his country and filming it. It became a trending topic on twitter and some of my tweets on the subject got national press in that country.

In this country, the ‘shock’ of celebrity sex tapes has seemingly long since passed. From Pamela Anderson, to Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Kendra Wilkinson, Shawna Sands and more… celebrities seem to think they have to make a sex tape to get in the tabloids or on Larry King. As we celebrate the Fourth of July and Independence Day think what would happen if we in the USA put people like Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian in jail for having sex on tape instead of giving them reality television shows. Preposterous right? Yet… that is exactly what has happened around the globe to Ariel – currently sitting in an Indonesian jail after his sexy private exploits were leaked to the net and the government has charged him with a crime that is punishable with jail for up to 12.. yes 12 years (pictured in jail below). The government in that country has also cracked down and searched student cell phones for copies of the ‘offensive’ material all while filtering the internet.

Of course I cannot say how one country should be run vs. another. Goodness knows some people may say that celebrities in this country who put our really bad sex tapes should serve some time (joking!). I do however give thanks on this Independence Day for the precious Freedom to Express myself. While some may not think my ‘expression’ is worthy of protection, thankfully we have rights and privileges that others in the world do not enjoy.

Happy Independence Day. It is not all about the barbecues and hot dogs.

Beam Me Up Scotty! There are still people in this world who think it is a crime to film sex on camera.

Vicky Vette



  1. Frog God says:

    suggested drawings
    a picture of you screwed by uncle sam
    you riding a big fireworkrocket
    you and the statue of liberty and lady justice

  2. army says:

    woiii big tokettt…

  3. dodol says:

    Hi Vicky did u willing to sex tape with Ariel .. 🙂

  4. Kenneth Fei says:

    As far as I know, a celebrity in most eastern countries is still a guide, or an example, a patron for most people, especially kids. By allowing those nude videos to be freely consumed by public, many underaged kids will try to do the same acts, or at least, it will raise the crime rate with children as the victims.

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