Farmer’s Daughter Show – Friday the 13th!

It is Friday the 13th! Nothing can go wrong right?

The Farmer’s Daughter Show is LIVE today – Yeeeeee haaaaaw!!
7pm est
Cam2Cam (optional 2 way)

Thanks to member HT for the outfit!

I am going to pick a whole lot more than just corn!!! The exclusive cam2cam starts at 7pm est. Be there! Live shows daily so don’t miss all the fun at the VNA. Our members really do interact and we have the best damn community of folks around. < get on your tractor and join the VNA!

Vicky Vette


One response to “Farmer’s Daughter Show – Friday the 13th!”

  1. HT1 says:

    Loved it, had a blast! thanks youguys xoxoxo

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