Curse of SJ Funbags


As you folks may know, I love Ms. Sara Jay. We have ‘performed’ artistic episodes together, done a couple of 5K’s together, and even gone to dinner with a lucky website member together. I happen to love Sara Jay’s personality, sense of humor and yes…. her fun bags. I posted the video below on Myspace & YouTube as a fine example of a couple of girls on a couch chatting and having fun. It was deleted by both Myspace & YouTube. I could not understand why until I realized that Sara’s hands at one point lifted UP her blouse. After I realized how shocking that was, I edited the video so that you could NOT see Sara Jay lifting UP her blouse at all and put it back up on Myspace & YouTube (even blogging about the event).

I was going to upload a new video today and was shocked to find that Sara Jay sitting on a couch with me NOT lifting up her blouse has once again been deleted by Myspace!

I GIVE UP! It seems that either two girls sitting on a couch talking is either too much for Myspace or there must be a curse on Sara Jay’s fun bags so that they mysteriously disappear in the middle of the night!

I am upset and saddened. Sara Jay’s fun bags are a sight to see…. even covered up in a bra and blouse. This great country needs MORE FUN BAGS! I will not be reediting the video again, so for the time being this video is only available on YouTube.

Sorry Sara Jay but I guess your fun bags were too much for Tom to handle…..

2 responses to “Curse of SJ Funbags”

  1. So, why not just dump MySpace into the ocean and go with a more adult and less censorious venue like Xpeeps or

    If they are that squeamish about a woman’s nipples or a set of knockers, that’s their problem.


  2. Oh…and would it be possible to show here the original with Sara pulling up her blouse??? I don’t think that WordPress would mind one bit. 😉


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