Britney in the VNA?

No… I did not force Britney to wear camo for photos…. yet. I found this picture at her site BritneysBedroom . Britney as you know is coming over to my place tomorrow, March 14, 2009 for her first ever exposure to the Vette Nation members! The camo – and everything else – is coming off and she is going to be treated like a ‘raw recruit’ at the VNA. Me & Britney…. live tomorrow – members only @4pm est! BE THERE PRIVATES! Enlist in the VNA here……


2 responses to “Britney in the VNA?”

  1. feller469 says:

    Chew her up and spit her out, Vicky. Or swallow, your choice.

  2. vectis says:

    It’s not only the privates who must be there,it’s also we corporals of the VNA who must obey the orders of our Commander-in Briefs LOL.
    The show ,which will be part one of the hottest weekend on the net, is at be there.

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