Blab/Instant Message Chat with Me Today!

Just a reminder that I do every other day chats inside the site. They are real time. Kind of like MSN. Want to get to know me? I usually chat for about an hour. The current schedule is:

Mon: 4pm est
Wed: 8pm est
Friday: 12 midnight

My closest friends and members come to the chats….. and any member of my site is welcome to join in the fun. They are getting more popular every week. NEXT CHAT IS TONIGHT!!!! NOTHING TO DO? SAY HI TO ME!

Also on the schedule today for LIVE CAMSHOWS – FREE TO MEMBERS OF VICKYATHOME are:

Nymphos Next Door: 2pm est
Alana: 3pm est
Erin Swallows: 3pm est
Jamies XXXW: 4pm est
Rebekah Dee: 6pm est
Club Regan Reese: 6pm est
Dakota Reese: 7pm est
Dawn Marie: 7pm est
Naughty Julie: 10 pm est
Khloe: 11pm est
Jane Burgess: 11pm est

So, join, watch any show you want, and then come and ‘blab/instant message’ with me tonight! Membership gets you every single camshow on two networks for the entire month! How cool is that?!

Time to get your privates inspected for duty!

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