“Berries & Cream” Camshow @5pm Est

Hi everyone! Do you know how hard it was to find any pictures that feature Spring? Lots of pictures feature Summer, Winter & even Fall but Spring? Someone posted this pic on my Members Only Board that was kind of springy so I nabbed it for here.

Yes, spring is in the air! Spring makes you do goofy things….. and I am doing my First Inaugeral ‘I am going to eat Strawberries & Cream live on a camshow’ event TODAY! Now some of you may say, “gee Vicky….that sounds a bit boring….. watching some Strawberries & Cream sounds goofy!” Ahhhh…. but there are different types of cream bloggers!!!

Anyway…. hardcore show today for the MEMBERS OF VICKYATHOME only! Right after the show @6.15pm EST I will be doing an Afterchat Camshow (Tea n’ Titties).

Hope to see you there if you are a member. If you are NOT a member…. join up to the Vette Nation right here!


One response to ““Berries & Cream” Camshow @5pm Est”

  1. feller469 says:

    Gives a whole new meaning to “woodpecker.”

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