Ariel Peterporn, Cut Tari, An Indonesian Sex Tape, Twitter…. and Vicky Vette

Some things on the internet cannot be explained. A couple of years ago I wrote a blog about a band called ‘VickyVette’ in Indonesia. Evidently I was honored by a group in Indonesia calling themselves ‘VickyVette’ and that I have quite a few fans in that part of the world (go figure a Norwegian pornstar in the USA would become that well known in Indonesia a country that rarely makes news unless it involves Islamic bombs or potential Tsunami’s).

I have mixed feelings about twitter…. a pornstar publicists worst nightmare (tweets about the xanax you took in the morning are not exactly sexy). While everyone in adult has twitter accounts, twitter for porn still has not exactly gone mainstream. Paris Hilton has over 2 million followers on twitter and the most any pornstar has is around 50,000. Having said that, I decided to finally embrace what twitter has to offer and have tried to work it into what I do online. Sooooo…. when I got up Tuesday morning I noticed that there was a Trending Topic ‘Ariel Peterporn’. For those of you that do not use Trending Topics… it is an indication what everyone on twitter is chattering about. This peaked my interest. I mean, it could have said ‘Oil Spill’ or ‘Celtics/Lakers’…. but no, it said….’Ariel Peterporn’.

I did a quick google search and found out ‘Ariel Peterporn’ is a huge scandal in Indonesia involving a sex tape. Ariel is the singer of a famous Indonesian pop band (Peterpan) who allegedly was having sex with the hottest girls in Indonesia and filming it (Cut Tari being one of those girls). As often times with sex tapes….. if you leave your sex tapes in an unsafe place… someone puts it on the internet. Ariel’s laptop was stolen/lost, and his sex with Indonesia’s hottest stars is spreading like wildfire on the net.

I tweeted something I thought was funny…. along the lines of ‘I wanted to see the Ariel Peterporn sex tape’. You would think a couple of people from the other side of the world would respond right? Nope! I got deluged… and I mean deluged with responses. So many… that I could not respond. It seems that by some strange internet phenomenon I am very well known in Indonesia. Maybe it is having a band named after me… or maybe Indonesian’s search out adult material since it is banned.. yes banned in their country. It seemed that everything I mentioned about Ariel Peterporn was being chattered throughout Indonesia on blackberries everywhere. I ultimately made the Indonesian news. News link. News link. News Link.

I was sent a link by my twitter friends to get a copy of the infamous sex tape. I checked it out…. a little over 8 minutes of two people having (*shock!*) sex on camera. Why the furor? Why infamous? Indonesia has a ban on porn – let alone their stars having sex on camera. As you all know, I am strongly against censorship…. something that the United States says does not exist because of the First Amendment (but is at this moment prosecuting various folks in the adult world). Hopefully Ariel and Cut will not be put in prison or flogged (yes flogged) for having sex. They deny it is them.

It is an amazing example that in this fragile world of freedom of speech that not everyone has the same rights and privileges that we do. Even in Australia an adult website owner (Abby Winters) had to recently agree to leave the country and go to Holland, for making “objectionable films”. To avoid prison he agreed to move the server to Holland and leave the country himself, and pleaded guilty on two charges. I for one do not take for granted that I have the right to get naked and film myself on camera. In places like Indonesia, those rights do not exist and are punished.

Which brings me to the infamous sex tape. I think Ariel and Cut Tari should not be ashamed of the tape. For the first time ever a scandalous sex tape that is not being released and sold by Vivid for profit!


I am not sure what the furor is over sex tapes. Here in the USA they are coming out every week. If you are a celebrity and DON’T have a sex tape it is a rarity . We seem to be using scandalous sex tapes as a way of perpetuating fame – getting in TMZ, even if it is for a sex tape or going into rehab – is some kind of badge of honor (a last ditch way of keeping your name in the news… at any cost). Do I think the sex tapes I have seen are any good? I can’t say I have seen a good one. Maybe you guys can tell me if you think they are good. What do I think of Ariel and Cut Tari’s sex tape? It is two people having sex who wanted to film it for future enjoyment…. nothing wrong with that. There is no ‘popshot’ at the end… but it was not intended as a porn tape. They are obviously enjoying themselves.

If you see me tweeting in Indonesian… do not be surprised. The amount of chatter coming my way from that part of the world is amazing. The Indonesians have all been extremely polite and… as one person tweeted… at least Indonesia is getting news for more than badminton.

More on this to come I am sure. You can check out my twitter at

Beam me up Scotty! I need some quick lessons on learning Indonesian.

Vicky Vette

62 responses to “Ariel Peterporn, Cut Tari, An Indonesian Sex Tape, Twitter…. and Vicky Vette”

  1. shody says:

    this is GOOD!
    have u seen CUT TARI??
    ummm, here’s the latest update, she DENIED that it was her on the tape. can you believe it?
    even kiddos can match them! haaa! please respond on twitter about the denial.
    and, we need to see more of your TOKET and MEMEK(pussy)!
    Terima Kasih (thank you)

  2. hendryjk says:

    Thanks for the download link!
    Love You most Mrs. Vette…

    Tusen Takk!

  3. hendryjk says:

    Dear Mrs. Vette, I think u put the wrong link for ur blog, it is in http:/ without the ‘www’…cheers!

  4. Jebod says:

    Good review on the sextape Vicky!
    If the rumors are true, there are 30 more videos of Ariel pounding and grinding Indonesia’s hottest celebrities!

    Ariel Peterporn rocks!!

  5. Cinta* Vicky Vette says:

    Where’s Luna Maya!??

    I love her!!!!!

    *cinta = love

  6. vickyvette-addict says:

    you are too cute to put our peterporn so detail like that… it very much!!
    maybe you demand to ‘try’ him? :))
    maybe its best if your producer offer him a contract!

  7. radi says:

    Good post! I like the way you write it. I think you are good at writing. Love your blog.

  8. ALE says:

    Vicky… answer please…..
    Would you like to having sex with Indonesian guy??
    And….. And what about the size?? to small for you??
    What do you think about ariel’s play?? Is he good enough?? Do yo wanna play with him??

    Having sex = Ngentot
    Dick = Kontol
    Pussy = Meki

  9. ujang heunceut says:

    waduk siah lain vicky vette… heuceut jeung bool weh siah badagan bebel…

  10. vicky vette adicted says:

    sial gagal PertamaX…
    mejeng di Pej Wan dah…. :toast:

    your TOKET very BIG !!!!

  11. anggodo bebas dari perkara says:

    love it…

  12. guest says:

    haahahha… love ur blog very much!
    well there’s nothing wrong with 2 ppl enjoying sex together, BUT… below 3 things are the answers why it became very hot in indonesia:
    1. they are famous, big stars in indonesia
    2. cut tari is already married
    2. 1 day before this video released, there was another peterporn’s video with another girl.. and the rumors there are many more videos will be released soon…hahaha

    we’ll see…. 😉

  13. Hadi Bakri says:

    Vicky Vette what you say is not wrong, freedom rights are everything, but I tell you that in our country is Indonesia’s majority Muslim people looking at the case of Ariel Peterporn had violated what had been arranged by Kitab & Hadith. Unlike in America that the rights of every human being is respected, whatever works his rights respected, and to man’s relationship with his Lord, it is a private matter.

    I really appreciate your opinion, I am happy I found you very fond of Indonesia.

    I explained to you, that what you think about Indonesia as a terrorist state, it is not true.

    Please come to Indonesia, I will guide you to where you’d like.


  14. Alloy says:

    You know what, it seems that VICKY VETTE will become tranding topics in Indonesian Twitter since now…:)))

  15. pencenk says:

    wewww.. luna maya I think one of the hottest girl indonesia..
    and 4 me, cut tari was the hottest MILF.. i think in the first they have polite attitude.. but now.. they change my opinion :),

    Indonesia is a great country.. wish all the people who read this topic, they will learn about our culture more, not just from the story about ariel-luna and cut tari…


    indonesia people

  16. Hadi Surya says:

    Nyang penting nampang di page one ga dapat pertamax ga papa hahaha

    to mrs vicky vette

    ariel is now are a well known multi talented artist, he is singing, an actor for a movie titled “sang pemimpi” and now as u know he started as a porn star known as ariel peterporn.
    poor ariel, and all the hotiest women that involved in this sex scandals

    from Bali With love
    P.S Bali is a province of Indonesia

  17. KASKUSER says:


  18. amburadul says:

    Dear love vicky Vette

    This is mega scandals from indonesia
    And as u know ariel and cut tari is very famous in indonesia

    And we still wait another 32 sex tape from ariel with another 32 indonesian actris.



  19. MoonblueZ says:

    Nice opinion vicky, im in the line with u about celebs mostly have scandals for it fame, many people is denying talk about shit kind of purity, they must know (learn) what happen around including their self n their purpose.

  20. meloveyou says:

    i really love your blog.

    stay tune with ariel peterporn news, because there’s a lot more to come….

  21. Ariel Pinterporn says:

    Cut Tari kamu telah memalukan orang aceh, sebaiknya jangan pakai Cut didepan namamu.

  22. mrworldwide says:

    know what vicky ?

    there’s a lot of hypocrite people here, in indonesia..

    they watch it, they like it, n then what ? they insult ariel & cut just like that.. very funny isn’t it ?

    they are artist, what would u expect from artist ? speech about religion ??? NO F*ing WAY MAN! u will expect entertaiment right ?

    now they entertained us, what you all babbling about ?

    f*ing weird people!

  23. SS says:

    those two clown in this vid is sucks.
    i prefer watching u eat an ice cream.

  24. maria ozawa says:

    hey u 🙂

    u probably be the next miyabi, the most famous pornstar for Indonesian ever, an Indonesian producer even also made a movie about her..

    btw, you should come and join the largest indonesian forum with more than 1 million users.. Indonesian speaks english and you are most welcome especially pornstar, we dont have it here.. join the forum and get verified.. youll get tons of exposure like miyabi / maria ozawa did..

    cant wait too see one of ur movie with Indonesia as the scene.. a lot of Japanese pornstar did it 🙂

  25. SS says:

    Cut Tari IS Fuckin slut and bitch! imagine how she and ariel make this vid when cut tari have 1 year old kids at home waiting for her and her husband. they don’t know about this whole creepy things until good man post these in internet.,.,CUT TARI IS REAL BITCH!!!!!

  26. wollstonecraft says:

    Vicky… ur the bomb, am an Indonesian and has been a big fan since ur play in Naughty Americas

    I really appreciate your concern about this PeterPorn issue.. never thought an American Pornstar would dwell on a matter as such, but since you did, it’s been real good I think

    If you decide to look upon Indonesia a bit deeper, I bet you’d be surprised on our potential.. we’re much more than a nation of ‘badminton, terrorist bombing & tsunami potential’ LoL

    forsure, we’re ranked 2 for the largest Facebook user globally, twitter is catching up fast, as you can see from the peterporn case, moreover even though many people over there see us still as a 3rd world country, the reality is far from that.. a good example, Jakarta, the capital city was just proclaimed the most city with shopping malls in the world, with over 140 malls alone.. beat that Singapore..

    and lastly, I admit that on certain level, we’re pretty conservative nation when it comes to sex, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to have a good time haha…

    looking forward for your next post in Indonesia.. or even better if you may visit us one day.. it’ll be good experience


  27. BuBL3 says:

    there’s one more video of Ariel Peterporn that you missed, Ms. Vette. The other girl in that video is Luna Maya and the video is even hotter than the one with Cut Tari……!!!!

  28. BuBL3 says:

    and one more thing Ms. Vette, you are more than welcome to learn anything about Indonesia or it’s people …. I just followed you in twitter so you would know where to ask about Indonesia…


  29. adithya says:

    more fact about Ariel,
    1. When he got divorced, everybody suspect that he got affair with Luna Maya, but both of them denied it and aid to Media that they are just friend.
    2. he was involved in relationship with Andhara Early (also indonesia celebrity, and they also said there is and sex video of her and Ariel also which have not been published yet), and ater they broke up, suddenly andarah got pregnent.

  30. guest says:

    i can say that i really agree with “mrworldwide”….too many hypocrite ppl here! f**

  31. montonk says:

    Hi Ms. Vicky .. I really amaze on your concern about this Peterporn news, I’m one of your big fans too! we have read the local news that Peterporn had more about 32 sex tapes, those include 2 sex tapes were released, we here all indonesian peoples wait more sex tapes of Peterporn. Thanks and peace from Indonesia!

  32. si jagur says:

    have you seen the latest ariel’s sex tape?

    with Aura Kasih, one of the hottet female singer in Indonesia….

  33. Vicky You Rock!! would you like to produce porn movie for peterporn ? im Indonesian and im so proud about this, even his song is so fucking lame.
    i think he’s very talented in HC porn than a stupid lame singer.
    cheers Vicky, Indonesia Love You!!!

  34. Get it right says:

    Vicky, we don’t flog people here. Which country are you talking about? Not all Indonesians are Muslims, and even the ones with different religions condemn what they do.

  35. peterpan says:

    Yea as you probably know my name is ariel, I might be the initiator of the first ever porn industry in islamic country, especially Indonesia. I might have my own playboy mansion here in near future and I have VIP access to all most beautiful actresses and models in Indonesia and they all have price tags, though the one with headscarf is usually more expensive, but all are negotiable here. Visit my blog and email me, you have nice toket anyway and thanks for supporting and becoming one of my fans!

  36. rava says:

    Vicky I’m ready for you to teach Indonesian. I’m serious

  37. Luna Fuckin maya says:

    Of course everything is okay with u…you’re a PORNSTAR remember? 😛
    everything is okay even you fuck with someone’s husband or cheated your husband and it seems it’s ok too if you fuck with your own daddy…. :PPPPP~~~~~~0))) Dasar jablay….

    Indon Sotoy

  38. Ariel stupidporn says:


    5.ASIA CARRERA (pertama kenal waktu gw SD)


  39. Jue says:

    Come to Indonesia and meet them in person ^_^’

  40. Jontilo says:

    if you want something hottes then ArielPeterPorn try me…, i got dick stronger than a stone.., size doesn’t matter..

    believe me..

    please come visit our country…

  41. Vicky Vette Fans says:

    You are very sharp in catching an opportunity, really, your name has been listed in one of the biggest media in Indonesian Internet. Then many people will start to look for your names, also this blog. Soon enough I could guarantee that if there is some clever producer in Indonesia will start to search for you, to ask you for a contract Movie. Still I would look for your action in Indonesian movie, cheers !

  42. doni_hendra says:

    Halo Tante Vicky….
    I have watch your video at Naughty America. Ihave your video. Your tits (toket) very big. I like it.
    Do you have Facebook or ?
    Ariel is good vocalist.
    Do you have heard his song?
    I want sent this song with you…

  43. kanjutkuda says:

    Vicky ngentot yuuk?!
    when will you come to indonesia?
    kita ngentot yuuk!

  44. kie hkm says:

    Have you seen Ariel and Luna? eventhough the quality is not as good as with Cut Tari, but Ariel and Luna’s sex video is better because they are dating and show some passion there compare to Tari and Ariel…

  45. Ariel Pinterporn says:

    hi vicky
    do u like peterporn monster cock?
    do u know SILIT IRENG?

  46. Ken Ken says:

    We all know and should admit that everything hidden always makes us curious to get it revealed 😉 (example: veil, mask, etc.) people tend to hide their secret and sacred things, but also like to show them out to gain pleasure 😉 that explains why women like to be in nude pictures and such since the prehistoric era, Rennaisance and up until today 😉

  47. dian says:

    Dear Ms. Vicky,
    I feel honored that you’re interested in Indonesia, but I wish it was not because of this incident… lol
    I don’t know about your country but in here people are more afraid about the children, “How if they watch the tapes?” Because sadly as I know, parents are not capable to control their children’s time 24/7, and some of them are just ignorant about this.
    And it’s not because of the religion but culture. We prefer to enjoy this kind of thing not as public show. It’s not like we’re hypocrite or something, and it has no relation with any religions. Not all of us are muslims. I’m myself a muslim and a woman too. It’s not like I against sextapes but it would be better if we keep them as a private matter. You may be interested to learn about Indonesian cultures more. It’s more complicated (in a beautiful way) than you can see on TV or internet.
    Ariel, as one of singers who’s a public figure, is expected to be role model for everyone, as well any youngsters here. And by youngsters we mean kids who’s still studying at school (including in elementary school). I won’t against it if that’s his real lifestyle, because it’s his “choice”, but as a role model he should keep that for himself. That’s why when his video was leaked, it became a big news here.
    I hope I explained this right, thanks for your time 🙂

  48. bob says:

    I think this is the biggest sex tape scandal…many people sing Ariel’s songs.

  49. Fuihh,,,What a long recap from you about that celebrity-sextape. Anyway, I’m from Indonesia. When I heard about that sextape scandal made me little bit questioning many things. You know, here the police about to investigate those people : Ariel, Cut Tati and another woman Luna Maya about this sextape. People also start throwing millions curse to those celebrity. I mean, can we human just get enought about judging and something ? Besides, I don’t think there are human with no sin in this world. So, sextapes launched in internet, what a big deal right ?

    Hate with all those hypocrate in my country who talking shits about someone’s shits meanwhile they did those shits too.

  50. KomengJhares says:

    Ariel peterporn is new star from Indonesia……

  51. john begh pook says:

    indonesia became very famous since this video LoL

  52. ane says:

    waahhhhhhh kaskus pindah di mari………

  53. ondi says:

    @Nando Tampubolon not all people live in Indonesia are like you, dude. watch your mouth.

  54. wel-wel-wellll,.,.,. give him a contract(ariel)

  55. SBY says:

    Only heard about Indonesian in badminton/sunami/bomb? LOL you are good at writing, better you change your job vicky…Don’t let man dig your hole..”_” Love u Vicky

  56. lala says:

    agree with you, vick. but see, cut tari already has a husband. so it’s an adultery and it’s wrong cause she’s then cheated on her husband. but i guess who cares about luna and ariel. they’re mature and has no morality but for tari, it’s so wrong of her

  57. Bonky says:

    Hello Vicky, since you comment about peterporn. I search @Google about you.

    I search your movie and lucky got one, wow…you are so hot in that movie. :p

    our country, Indonesia is a plural country. Majority people in Indonesia is Moslem, there is 5 Religions that approved in our country. Sex in our country is a “taboo” topic, many of people in Indonesia refused to talk about it directly. So, yes…internet is a way out to talk about it.

    I hope we can chat sometime, or come to Indonesia maybe? 🙂

  58. aryo says:

    Damn can’t wait for you to come to Indonesia.
    I’m always been your fan for a long time.
    And Indonesia is not a terrorist country. You will see for yourself if you come here. You should try Bali. Its Indonesia’s paradise.

  59. alpha says:

    Hello Vicky
    do you know NGENTOT ?
    ngentot is very good
    all indonesian people very love ngentot

  60. selangkangan says:

    ajak aja tiga tiganya bang gang, luna tari ariel, maknyosss

  61. PosRonda says:

    First Justin Bieber, second Miyabi, then you and Thaiwan news who talk about Ariel. What next?! Obama?! :hammer:

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