So I was chatting to a member on the board, telling him about my trip to Amsterdam, it was about 2 years ago now, but I never did post any pics on the site. He asked to see them so I dug them up…… lol… Not the best pics, no makeup at all and tired from traveling but thought I’d share them with you anyway…..
DSCN1049 DSCN1050
I normally do not smoke, (not since my teeens and AA) most of my friends do, actually all my friends do, lol….. a lot! But I figured “hey we are in Amsterdam, it’s legal, let’s be crazy!”

We walked into one of those awesome basement coffee shops and spoke to the server who was very friendly – I guess they like tourists….
We ordered 2 cappacino’s and just asked him to give us whatever we needed since we had no clue. Can you believe it only cost 10 Euros! That was about 12 bucks at the time! We could barely get 2 starbucks for that price at home, lol…
DSCN1051 DSCN1054
Whatever it was – it was potent as hell! 2 tokes and we were off! We giggled for hours! Rokkerr wasn’t even speaking English anymore. Silly silly silly! It was just random words I almost fell off my chair laughing.

Then we got the most incredible case of munchies known to mankind! OMG They have these little kiosks on the street that make the best french fries in the world! Seriously! They give you a bag of hot golden crisp fries big enough for a family of 5 which you eat all yourself. Then get some more.

We went back to the hotel, fucked like rabbits, smoked some more, ate some more fries, fucked some more, ate some more fries and passed out.

On the way to the airport the next day we went back for some fries to see if they really were that good or was it just because we were high? They were! lol…. we got some more for the road!



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2 responses to “Amsterdam!”

  1. Provolone says:

    haha awesome! You really are the complete package. So does smoking make you even hornier? My fave thing in the world is smoking weed, orgasming, and a hot shower while high. Thats MY ambien! Anyways love your stuff, you’re my go to girl! Enjoy all the buzzes that come your way.

  2. vickyshandsaddicted says:

    watch that hand!!! mmmm….

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