Adultcon Day 1 – Live Streaming Cam2Cam with Sara Jay & Deauxma

Day 1 was awesome!

Thanks to Sara Jay for flying in from New York, Deauxma for driving in from Texas, and members of for coming from literally all around the world to hang out. AussieSteve… flew from Australia, Dave45 from the Midwest, Walt from El Paso, Mike from New York and too many other folks to mention.

I really appreciate your time, effort and community here. We were able to finally get the cam2cam up and running after a few internet issues. Hopefully you caught Benny and Mrs. Benny, Deauxma, Sara Jay doing her thing, and other action live as it happened.

We were able to get people who knew nothing about camming to check it out while you watched. Soooooooo, LIVE SATURDAY & SUNDAY I am happy to say that we are going to have LIVE STREAMING CAM2CAM all day. Pop in whenever we are at Adultcon and see what is going on.

THIS IS EXCLUSIVE. I DO NOT KNOW OF ANY OTHER WEBSITE DOING THIS AT THE EVENT. You may not be able to make it to the event but at least you can hang with us!

See you Saturday (noon to 10 pm edt) and Sunday (noon to 5pm edt!)

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4 responses to “Adultcon Day 1 – Live Streaming Cam2Cam with Sara Jay & Deauxma”

  1. ht1 says:

    That was a fun evening youguys !!!!

    Saw Walt, Benny (hi mrs Benny), and of course VNA ladies !

    Super cool to hang out with yall LJS, Valek, even the Stiffmeister showed up!

    Felt like i was there

  2. vickyshandsaddicted says:

    nice red nails 😉

  3. GORD says:

    Wow, I cannot believe the size of deauxma’s big pumpkins .. they have been inflated to maximum capacity and are the size of Vicky’s head! Nice!

  4. vectis says:

    Thx Vicky it was a great link caught Walt and Steve,providing security lol and of course yourself Sara Jay and Deauxma.
    Next best thing to being there.

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