A few pics from Adultcon

Well I must have had my photo taken with a couple of hundred people, all of whom promised to send me the photo! It’s only been 2 days so we’ll see, lol… but here’s what I’ve gotten back so far!

adultcon201009 001 resize

I love Adultcon, and all the conventions, what I hate is the rushing around before hand getting ready, a bizillion errands and appointments, looking at your watch every 5 minutes because you are always late for something…. but once we finally start the convention we get to relax. Yes we are standing in high heels for way to many hours, but in general, I just love to chill and hang out with everyone. I love all the girls in our network and it’s so wonderful and rare that we are all in the same town at the same time! We get to eat and shop and have sex with each other! lol.. what could be better than that? We even all got on stage together at Scores Club and did 3 songs together!

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The fans who come out to see us are amazing. They just make my day! It’s all about you and for you, and with out you there would be no us. I love hearing what you think about what we do and answering your questions.

To the fan who stickied his phone number onto the $5 bill: very cute, To the person who stole our garbage can: are you serious? To the person who stole a DVD from Carmen’s table: shame on you, you give all fans a bad name. To the person who tried to stick his finger into my vagina while we were taking a picture, you are just an asshole, I don’t even know what else to say about that. I can’t imagine what could possibly have been going through your mind to make you think that would be acceptable behavior.

There are always a few bad apples but they did not spoil the bunch because the majority of you were just a pleasure and I hope to see you all again at the next one.

adultcon201009 005 resize

To all the VNA members who made it out, you know who you are, I love you all from the bottom of my heart, and truly appreciate the support! Saddleranch was a blast wasn’t it?

Pics and vid to come on that!

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