A band called Vicky Vette?

vicky vette milf cop

….. and I was going to call my band “Vicky Vette”

Cheap Trick, Def Leppard, Motley Crue the Killers, the Police, the Rolling Stones, all great names…. but a band called ‘Vicky Vette’ – even I would not call a band I was in ‘Vicky Vette’….. but evidently a band has!

Yes….. I came across this band on myspace in Indonesia called…. ‘Vicky Vette’

Now I have no idea if in Indonesia Vicky Vette means something else other than a 43 year old Milf shooting adult movies, or if they are allowed to watch adult movies in that part of the world, but I wonder if the group that calls themselves Vicky Vette does not mention me in their profile……hmmmm time to be their friend I think! Maybe I should appoint them the official group of the Vette Nation Army. Hell, I even have some Vette Nation Army T-shirts printed up and ready to go for the world tour of Vicky Vette!

7 responses to “A band called Vicky Vette?”

  1. h0rnytoad1 says:

    thats cool, has anything happenend with them since this was posted?

  2. Vicky says:

    Don’t know, lol… haven’t really kept up with them..wonder where they came up with the name though?

  3. vickyboys says:

    hey Vicky.
    it’s very pleasure to found your website and have this article to you.
    im rayhan from band called vickyvette (your name) 😀
    it’s about 3 years ago that we decided to use your name as our band’s name.because your videos make us very amaze and very cool.hahaha, yes it is.
    we hope you’re not angry about our band’s name. because in fact, that is your name.

    for further information you can contact us at vickyvette_experiment@yahoo.co.uk

    that’s it thank you.
    have a good day ma’am.

    “i’ve seen a lot in my career.”


  4. Vicky says:

    Of course not! I’m thrilled and flattered! Good luck! Send me some songs!

  5. rayhan says:

    of course we will do it,soon.because we are really busy practising for preparing our perform today in bandung, west java, indonesia.
    please be informed that our band is one of the top ten 2008 indie band in indonesia.
    this is our video, you can check this out.
    once again thanks for allowing to using your name.
    goodluck vicky, in life and career.

  6. mel says:

    they’ve been watching your videos since high school. they used your name simply because they are your #1 fans! LOL.

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