6 New 8×10’s in the Store!


Finally got these in the store for you! This is the little series that I shot on the set of Pacar Hantu Periwan.

It was a fully clothed movie, hehehe, but I found it hard to stay dressed! I’m just not used to that!

So instead of sitting around wasting time in between my scenes, and wasting the beautiful scenery, I figured I’d be productive…. so I shot 2 beautiful sets for my the site, and also this gorgeous little set of 8×10’s for the store.

Believe it or not, fans have been asking for more clothed and G-Rated pics that I can sign for them, that they can keep in their offices and other public places. So of course I obliged, but I threw in a few topless ones for you horndogs too.
You can collect the whole set!

Remember each new signup to the site gets a free 8×10 signed color glossy of your choice!

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