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Props and Clothing

Here you can buy some of my favorite items, dresses, lingerie, bras and panties. Many are featured on the cover of award winning videos!


Red Love Tshirt with Fringes
My favorite oh so soft fringed red shirt, I have shot in this several times, still and video.. you can find it on my site... I even shot with it in the pool cause I liked how it looked wet! Sealed in a baggie for you!
Strapless Bustier
Red and Black Strapless Bustier (it did have straps at one point, lol.. ) This is a super sexy piece, I wore it on so many photoshoots
Sweet Ass Thong
Is this a sweet ass thong or what! Black and green flowers, dainty, girly and sooooo naughty! Sealed in a baggie for you!
VNA Black & White Cap
YOU TOO CAN BE IN THE "VNA"!!! Cool as shit VNA ('Vette Nation Army') unisex Cap that all can be proud to wear!
Show your support for our porn army! One size fits all, velcro adjustment in the rear, black cap with white lettering.
Heavy 100% cotton, Made 100% in the USA
Blingy blue bedroom sandals
My well worn diamond blinged baby blue bedroom sandals, worn in several camshows and shoots! Matches so many of my blue outfits since it's my favorite color.
Pink Shoes
Cute sweet and innocent just like me! My flowered and gold etched pink sandals worn in several camshows and shoots!
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